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Micro-Dosing With Cannabis

Everything you ever wanted to learn about micro-dosing with cannabis!

Cannabis usage is expanding rapidly across the country, with many cannabis enthusiasts rapidly evolving into experienced cannabis enthusiasts. Medical marijuana companies such as HWC LLC are helping to promote the safe use of medicinal marijuana. Micro-dosing is another exciting area which is rapidly evolving and expanding.

Long gone are the days of just ‘winging it’ and trying to work out how stoned you’re going to get, how long it’s going to last, and how long it’ll take to affect you. Cannabis users have become a much more aware and educated group of people, with much broader experience in dealing with cannabis. Micro-dosing with cannabis is just one of the areas where 

What Is Micro-Dosing with Cannabis? 

Micro-dosing with cannabis may have been around much longer than many people believe, but most people agree that it began to gain popularity in early 2016. A micro-dose is the smallest amount or dosage of cannabis which will deliver perceptible results. A micro-dose is a small dose that will have some effects but won’t leave you stoned. One of the hardest parts of starting to use medicinal cannabis or recreational cannabis is the lack of adequate dosing information. Another difficult aspect of any commercial cannabis products is a lack of ingredients. 

Micro-dosing with cannabis allows you to get the benefits and results you’re looking for from medicinal or recreational cannabis, without overindulging. Micro-dosing allows you to remain in control of your cannabis high without it affecting your daily life. 

Getting Started Micro-Dosing with Cannabis 

There are a lot of different schools of thought when it comes to micro-dosing with cannabis and what is a good starting point. Everyone is different, and each person’s tolerances are going to be higher or lower than the next persons. The type of product you’re micro-dosing with is also going to play a huge part in how much you begin with. A good starting point for most people would be around 5mg, but this could be slightly lower or higher than your threshold. 

Different strains are going to have a different effect when you micro-dose with them. Sativa strains of cannabis are going to be more energizing and uplifting, while Indica strains are going to affect you with more sedative properties. Some other aspects which will affect your level of micro-dosing are your body type, your tolerance to cannabis and cannabis products, appetite and also your activities. The most important thing to remember when you first start micro-dosing is to take it very slowly and carefully. You can always increase the amounts which you are micro-dosing, but you can’t go back once you’ve started. Whenever you change cannabis strains or cannabis products, you’ll need to start the micro-dosing process again to determine your levels. 

If you have any questions about micro-dosing with cannabis or would like to share your experiences micro-dosing with cannabis, then simply contact us or comment below! At HWC LLC we love to hear feedback and speak with our clients. 

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