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Welcome to Holistic Wellness, your go-to destination for premium cannabis solutions. We offer white labeling, toll processing, packaging, and branding services, ensuring your products stand out in the ever evolving cannabis industry. Elevate your brand with us and let success become your signature strain.

At Holistic Wellness, we specialize in top-tier toll processing services designed to elevate your cannabis product to new heights. Our dedicated team and state-of-the-art facilities prioritize quality and precision, ensuring seamless solutions that redefine cannabis manufacturing standards. Partner with us for a tailored and holistic approach to cannabis toll processing that sets the bar for excellence. 


We understand the unique demands of the cannabis industry, and our expertise allows us to deliver unparalleled results. From extraction to refinement, our commitment to quality guarantees that your cannabis product reaches its peak potential. Join forces with Holistic Wellness for reliable cannabis toll processing that not only meets but exceeds industry standards, providing a comprehensive solution for your product's success.


Cannabis businesses need diversified product offerings to meet consumer demand. Through our white-labeling services, you have the potential to create new revenue streams while limiting operational costs. Holistic Wellness offers turnkey white-label solutions for an array of high- quality, cannabis products.

White labeling helps brands expand and adapt to changing demands without heavy investment. It boosts flexibility and brand recognition, as consumers trust brand quality – even with third- party products or services. White labeling also reduces the need to price compete with competitors over third party products, keeping your margin intact!

Available Products:

We offer white labeling services for the following products:

● Concentrates
● Cartridges
● Prepackaged Flower
● Pre-Rolls
● Edibles - We partner with Littlefield Confections to produce exceptional edibles


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We're here for you.  Drop us a line or feel free to call (207) 910-6287.

In the competitive cannabis market, establishing a distinctive brand is essential for product differentiation, building consumer trust, and targeting specific audiences. A well-crafted brand not only communicates your product's quality and legitimacy but also fosters loyalty, encouraging repeat business. Additionally, it allows for adaptability to evolving trends, ensuring your cannabis product remains relevant amid changing consumer preferences.

Our years of experience are evident in the precision, innovation, and creativity of our work at Holistic Wellness. We specialize in elevating cannabis products by tailoring our top-tier services to meet your unique needs. From extraction to refinement, we ensure your product stands out, matching your brand aesthetic while complying fully with state laws and regulations. Partner with us for a comprehensive and holistic approach that sets a new standard for excellence in the cannabis industry.


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