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Women in Cannabis: Heather Dadiego

How did you get into the cannabis industry?

“I got into the cannabis industry after being a consumer for my own medicinal reasons and being a person many of my peers would come to to help source products for their own consumption. I began my journey in the med market by launching a delivery service right before COVID mandates got put into place. We adapted quickly and no-contact deliveries were the new norm as people were unable or afraid to leave their homes. Around the same time, we launched our edible and topical company, where we make primarily topicals, tinctures and capsules. I have always enjoyed helping people and making people feel better. This industry has provided me with many opportunities to help and support my immediate community.”

What were some of the challenges you faced as a woman in a male dominated industry?

“I think this industry being new and still federally illegal has posed many challenges for all. I have found a lot of support being a woman in the industry from those I have surrounded myself with, male and female. I am on the board of the Maine Women's Connection (formerly known as the Maine Women's Cannabis Connection) and we do a lot of work around sharing resources and building a supportive community of women in this industry while bridging the gap in others. In general, I have found in some situations that females are taken advantage of surrounding the work they are enlisted to do. They will outperform many around them and not get the same advancement as males would within companies. I have found women’s voices to not be taken as seriously or treated as credible because of misconceptions about males being the ones who hold all the knowledge in this industry.”

How did you overcome these challenges?

“I have overcome these challenges by creating a brand that I can stand by, with products that work, and being consistent with our service. We stick to people who support and believe in what we are doing and move away from people who aren’t interested in helping us grow. We are small and enjoy the personal connections we make with our patients and industry peers. I do work with the Women's group to bring the community together through fun networking events to make sure we all can share the challenges we face and work together to find solutions.”

What is Mind, Body & Soul Support all about?

“Mind Body & Soul is all about working closely with our community to support their Mind, Body, and Soul. We have built lasting and meaningful connections with our caregiver friends as well as our patients. We pride ourselves on providing the best quality products at affordable prices for our market of patients, while offering the convenience of delivery. We are selective in the products and caregivers we source from so our patients can rest assured they’re getting clean and effective products. We believe in this plant being medicine and helping people find what works for their individual needs to bring balance to their lives.”

What makes Mind, Body & Soul Support different?

“What makes us different is we are a smaller company that is family operated and many involved come from healthcare backgrounds. We are able to tailor products specific to our patients’ individual needs, as well as support our retail partners with any of their custom patient needs. We believe in plants and food being medicine and making sure people have access to both. We recently opened a dedicated gluten free kitchen in Casco called Mind, Body & Soul Food where we create health conscious meals for the hard working individuals in our community. We engage in events and host dinners to engage with our community and not just profit from them.”

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