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New Bill Could Finally Clear Up The Mess Surrounding Marijuana In The U.S

Currently, across the United States, there are several states which have legalized recreational marijuana and also medicinal marijuana. Where it gets confusing is that at a federal level, marijuana is still considered a narcotic and there are still federal prohibitions against the cultivating, selling, and trafficking of marijuana. Where this new bill gets even more interesting is that it directly pits the Republican Party against each other, with many members looking to protect their state’s growing marijuana businesses. 

If this new bill passes, the Strengthening the Tenth Amendment Through Entrusting States (STATES) Act will end the federal prohibition against marijuana. This will help protect states which have already legalized both medicinal and recreational marijuana. The new STATES Act could be one of the most important pieces of cannabis-related legislation to be introduced into the Congress. 

Operating a marijuana-related company in the United States may sound like a ‘dream job’ for many companies, such as HWC LCC a Maine Medical Marijuana company, but in reality, it’s extremely difficult under the current legislation. Many marijuana companies are compelled to operate utilizing cash, with little access to traditional business loans and capital investment. If this new bill is lucky enough to make it, many medical marijuana companies would be able to run much more like any traditional business. 

It’s not going to be easy, however, with the new bill facing some considerable challenges as it moves through Congress. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell supported legalized industrial hemp production but told Rolling Stones magazine in an interview that he doesn’t support the legalization of marijuana. 

Many politicians who support the legalization of marijuana for both medicinal and recreational purposes would like to see some sort of end to the federal and state level conflicts. However, groups from all political spectrums are expected to weigh into the debate about whether the STATES Act passes or fails. The new bill would set up federal standards for states which have chosen to or choose to legalize medicinal or recreational marijuana. Some of these standards include: 

  • You would need to be 18 or over to work in any marijuana-related business. 

  • Marijuana stores aren’t allowed to be operated on interstate highway rest stops. 

  • Recreational marijuana is only available for sale to individuals over 21 but could be prescribed to a minor by a doctor or medical professional. 

One of the important things that supporters of the new bill are trying to focus attention on is that this doesn’t force any states to change their stance on the legalization of marijuana. This new bill only makes it easier for the states which have chosen to legalize marijuana or could be thinking of legalizing cannabis in one aspect or another. Making it easier for companies and businesses trying to operate marijuana businesses in states where it’s considered legal to grow, sell, and transport marijuana. 

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