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Take A Bite of Better Ingredients for Better Balance

Quality ingredients make all the difference when it comes to taste and effect. Although cleaner and well-balanced extracts combined with local and organic ingredients come at a higher cost. Which would you prefer?

There are opportunities to shake up cannabis products in Maine. Starting with how ingredients are sourced for edibles. Mainer’s prefer to keep it local and made in Maine. The cost of using organic, fresh, and locally sourced ingredients will no doubt be higher.

Combining high-quality inactive ingredients with the effect will ensure our products are superior. Active ingredients such as Rosin, RSO, Pure CO2 Extract provide a fuller, more refined experience.

Currently the obvious selling points are THC percentage or Indica vs. Sativa. However we are doing a disservice to our products and to patients by neglecting to focus on the manufacturing processes and the effects. Not all milligrams are created equal and Mainer’s will benefit as we encourage canna-curious folks into the fold.

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