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From OGs to Cookies, Garlic and Super Boof: Top Strains of 2022

Here we go again 2022 has ended and the top ten lists are rolling out. While we agree that lists are the glitter pens and unicorn stickers of journalism, they’re also a lot of fun. After some lengthy and highly enjoyable R&D everybody here at Holistic chimed in gleefully with their favorites. Let’s dive into the weeds and share our top strains of the year!

Super Boof, White Truffle, Banoreoz, and Tropicana Cherry all took top spots on our favorites lists. Yet two strains popped up again, and again. Super Boof, a hybrid created by crossing Black Cherry Punch and Tropicana Cookies, leaves most users feeling euphoric, creative, and focused. The second to appear on most lists: White Truffle. It’s a specific phenotype of Gorilla Butter, and has an earthy and somewhat skunky smell it’s dominated by caryophyllene, a peppery spicy terpene along with limonene (citrus) and humulene (hoppy.) Many people report that this strain is amazing at relieving stress and fatigue.

Another trend in our research was the popularity of Garlic strains that filled everyone’s list: Garlic Breath, Garlic Icing, Garlic Cookies, and Garlic Crusher. Garlic Breath is an Indica dominant hybrid, a cross between GMO and Mendo Breath. It relaxes users and eventually sedates, similar to Garlic Icing which is a long-lasting mellow high. These strains share a strong flavor profile that reminds one of crushed garlic leading to another funky strain- Garlic Crusher. This strain got some attention on Reddit at r/mainetrees where one user reviewed it as “absolutely reeking of gym socks, onions, and tennis balls” very creative! If you get the chance to sample you could agree. Garlic Crusher #4 is a cross between GMO and Pure Michigan. Then there is Garlic Cookies (Chem Dawg #4 and GSC) that shares a similar flavor profile of earthy, garlic, coffee, and gasoline notes. And although its genetics are different from the top 3 it still gives users a euphoric start leading to overall relaxation and eventually sleepiness.

We appreciate these strains’ relaxing effects and focusing highs along with their jar appeal. It’s got to hit the nose and roll off the tongue. Overall I think our favorite strains of 2022 show our similarities through our differences. Each flower strain can hit us differently but we all hit it the same, one toke at a time.

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