CLDZ 2 Oz Nano Beverage, (Passion Fruit)

CLDZ 2 Oz Nano Beverage, (Passion Fruit)

THC Edible | $3 per unit

Delicious 10mg, 2 oz Nano Beverage.


CLDZ are made with all natural ingrediants that are delightfully delicious. We use our proprietary nano emulsifaction process that delivers a quick onset time without any unsavory aftertaste. 


CLDZ is easy to use on the go with a discreet 2 oz recyclable bottle. 


Created, manufactered, and bottled in Maine! Using Pure CO2 Full Spectrum Cannabis extract. 


Flavor First

Hand-crafted in small batches, with no artificial flavors or preservatives, eacj and every CLDZ beverage is bursting with the refreshing flavor of real fruit. Vegan & Gluten-Free. 


The Experience 

Powered by Pure CO2 Full Spectrum Cannabis extract and our propretary nano emulsifaction process, CLDZ beverages provide the perfect balance of efficacy, experience, and flavor.


Discreet, Sustainable, Versatile

A small, Pocket-size, recyclable bottle lets you enjpy CLDZ on the go. CLDZ can be sipped, taken like a shot, mixed into a spritzer, or fashioned into a mocktail.